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Berliner Union film Atelier is an iconic post production film campus that has been an integral part of Berlin’s film and TV post scene for over 60 years. BUFA which overlooks the famous Tempelhof Airport is steeped in rich history and has played an important role in storytelling for over 100 years.

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"Emil and the Detectives" filmed at BUFA in 1963

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Berlinale Summer Special 2021
Redaktion | 20th July 2021

From June 9 to 20, we realized 12 open-air screenings in cooperation with the Berlinale. We had 12 successful and wonderful nights in our Tempelhof “Kiez-Kino” with films like “The Mauritanian” or „Nebenan“. The latter was partly shot in our studios. The Summer Special was also a successful opening to our newly designed event area. […]

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Technical Upgrade Studio 3
Bufa Admin | 1st April 2021

We have given our Studio 3 a technical spring cleaning and exchanged our old rig motors for 15 brand new Movecat PlusLite 500-4 electric chain hoists. Due to the new D8+ motor control, from now on no secondary securing by steel cables is necessary, and the new load measuring device and operating limit switch allow […]

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Hello, Goodbye – Twenty Twenty, One!
Bufa Admin | 20th February 2021

2020 was special, challenging, rather quiet – but we made the best of it, and we learnt a lot! We had some large and very interesting productions on site in the midst of the Covid crisis. This forced us to be quick and creative – but we rose to the challenge and always found solutions together with our […]

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